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Advice for Investors and Landlords


Investment Advice

There are many factors to consider when buying an investment property. The decision to invest in property alone can be complex and daunting. Below are some of the questions you need to review when purchasing.  Burlington’s in-depth knowledge of the market and experience can assist clients to define their strategy, ensuring you purchase a good property which will deliver a good return.

1.       What is the current market situation to buy?
2.       What types of residential?
3.       Typical value range?
4.       What costs should be allowed for in buying?
5.       How about the rental market?
6.       Where are current rental values?
7.       Typical lease terms?
8.       Furnished or unfurnished?
9.       What costs should be allowed for in letting?
10.   What costs should be allowed for in ongoing management?
11.   What kind of yield can I expect on my investment?
12.   Any regulatory requirements for letting?
13.   Can I borrow towards the cost of the investment?
14.   What is the tax situation for an overseas investor in Irish property?
15.   Sounds great –what can Burlington Real Estate offer by way of service and what are your fees ?

Please contact us to discuss your property. You can leave a note on our “Contact Us” page, or call us on 01-9058070.


Advice for Landlords

Your rights and obligations as a landlord derive from landlord and tenant law as well as from any lease or tenancy agreement (written or spoken) between you and your tenant.

The main legislation governing these rights and obligations in private rented accommodation is set down in the Landlord and Tenant Acts 1967 to 1994, the Residential Tenancies Act 2004 and the Residential Tenancies (Amendment) Act 2015. Landlords who fail to comply with their obligations may be guilty of an offence and may face a public hearing by the Private Residential Tenancies Board and damages of up to €20,000.

Our residential team has superior knowledge of the practical implications for landlords of these rules and can help you comply with your obligations and understand your rights.