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Property Management

Property management is time consuming and can be stressful for landlords. Our service deals with all typical day-to-day issues that can arise with rental properties. Our service includes:

Rent Collection

We collect the rent monthly via standing order from the tenants and forward the amount received net of charges to the Landlord’s bank account.

Regular Inspections

Property inspections are carried out by us during the lease term to ensure that the property is being well maintained by the tenant and to address any issues if necessary.


We will arrange for tradesmen to carry out any maintenance required on the property during the lease term. This expenditure will be agreed with the Landlord prior to any work being carried out.

Renewal of the Tenancy Agreement

In line with the RTB rules and legislations, towards the end of each lease, we will begin the process of negotiating a renewal lease with the tenants. The property owner will be kept fully abreast of all developments throughout.

Moving Out & Deposit Return

At the end of each tenancy agreement, a comprehensive inspection is carried out and we will advise re: return of deposit.


We provide a 24hr emergency service for all tenants. These contact details are issued to tenants so they can contact us in the event of an emergency.

Residential Tenancy Board

When a new tenancy commences we can complete the RTB registration form and pay the registration fee on behalf of the owner. The cost will be deducted from the rent. RTB registration and filing of disputes will be undertaken by our office with the agreement of the property owner.


Building Energy Rating is a requirement for all rental properties. We can arrange for an assessor to carry out the assessment.


We will take utility meter readings prior to the beginning of each lease and again during the moving out process and ensure they are transferred correctly.